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When Elliot Tishbi, president of wholesale fabric importer A Plus Fabrics, first came on the scene, he and his company were best known for being not known at all—a “secret” resource used by some of the biggest fabric importers in town. As one of the first companies to import knits from China to the United States, he explains, “a lot of fabric companies were buying from me and reselling to their customers.”

A Plus Fabrics, with its 50,000 square feet of space in two warehouses in the L.A. downtown area, is nothing if not an audacious display. Tishbi stocks an eye-boggling inventory of 7.5 million yards of fabric in 200 styles with multiple colors per style. Some 90 percent of his goods come from China, and his clients tend to buy big volume, although he will sell as little as a roll or two off the floor.

An array of assets—fast customer service and good quality among them—has made A Plus Fabrics the go-to resource for so many manufacturers and brands here and abroad.

For the big-volume clients who manufacture offshore, A Plus Fabrics can accommodate overseas production through drop shipping to the location of the client’s choice. The sky’s the limit when it comes to order fulfillment. While the average order is 2,000 yards, A Plus Fabrics can handle—and has handled—half a million yards.

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